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Archieve competence with a smart concept


Competency = (Knowledge + Skills + Willingness) x Experience ²

Why a career guidance process?

The prevention of early school leaving is one of the priorities of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch and the Koning Willem I College as a Regional Training Centre. The focus is mainly on youngsters who after completing their VMBO diploma do not move on to further (MBO) education or MBO students who do not complete the MBO education they have chosen.

Both individual characteristics of the student and environmental characteristics play a part for a child to drop out of school early. One of the main solutions to reduce early school leaving is a good regional curricular continuity policy between the VMBO and the MBO.

A pupil with a VMBO diploma cannot always move on to MBO education without problems. The competence level of a pupil leaving the VMBO is often lower than the level this student is expected to have at the MBO. There is a 'competence gap': a discrepancy between the desired competence level and the student's actual competence level.

The Einstein4all project was introduced to help reduce possible competence gaps. It is a career guidance project for which a competence guide, experience-based assignments and a counselling model are being developed to ensure an effective curricular continuity policy for the VMBO-MBO.

Why competence based?

Competence is a term which is hard to define. But it does help the professional and educational sectors to define functions and roles: adequate action in specific professional contexts by combining knowledge, skills and attitude. A person has a required competence if his behaviour allows him to be successful in the performance of the tasks of a profession.

Why career guidance?

During the third year of the VMBO, students are expected to choose a career and hence also make a choice for further education. However, the process is never optimal and supporting information is often lacking. The choice for the profession or education is often based on an unrealistic picture of the profession and one's own capacities.


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